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05 August 2008

Cleaning and Packing...

eileen pink flower
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...this is what I do!
I'm currently working on getting my new place ready and old place moved. Woohoo! It has been an interesting ride so far and it's not over yet. Laur and I made the nasty discovery of the mold living in the back of my closet. Unfortunately not before it ruined clothes (that actually fit), sheets, pillowcases, towels, etc....
Friday is the big moving day and I am SOOOOOOOOO ready! Say a prayer, think of me, or come help move. All are definitely welcome:)

The picture is a flower in the backyard at work. It was taken long ago.

1 comment:

Laurie said...

It's supposed to be 85 and sunny tomorrow -- yay!! How sad is it that we consider that temp cool...but I'm definitely not complaining. :)
We're on the home stretch, Goob!