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27 August 2008

Lucy's Spots

Lucy has her two favorite spots. She can be found on the windowsill in my bedroom or on the stool at the front door. The only situation in which I have seen her quickly leave the stool was when the postwoman stepped onto the porch.

Settling in?

...this is the question I have been asked for the last couple of weeks or so. The other is..."Are you all unpacked?" My response is "When?" I moved in on Friday (with a lot of help from some very special people!!!), helped with a wedding on Saturday, Mama came up on Sunday and we left for the beach on Monday. I was at Topsail until late Saturday night and then classes started on Monday. It's been a bit crazy.

I have officially started my class at all of the schools. (UNCG, Forsyth Technical Comm College, and Davidson County Comm College) I have Symptomatology and Pharmacology at DCCC, Abnormal Psych at FTCC, and Exercise Physiology at UNCG. It's strange to be back on the UNCG campus. So much of it has changed since I graduated. The information so far is really interesting and it's nice to be taking classes that are medically based.

God has really provided in the class that I feared the most. I was worried about Exercise Physiology. It's the thought of being the "big" girl in class, the only non ESS major, and trying to retrieve information that is hidden somewhere in my mind. As I sat in the room waiting on class to begin a young woman walked in that I recognized. She is a single from my church and I had met her through our singles pastor years ago. It is a gift of someone who shares my beliefs and my passion for PT. Praise God!!! She begins PT school at Winston Salem State in January. God is certainly good!

As I get the apartment looking better I'll post some pictures.

I hope this finds you all doing well and enjoy the rain! Take some time to open a window or door and listen to the rain fall. Such a peaceul and reassuring sound. A sign of a loving Father providing us with what we need.

05 August 2008

Cleaning and Packing...

eileen pink flower
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...this is what I do!
I'm currently working on getting my new place ready and old place moved. Woohoo! It has been an interesting ride so far and it's not over yet. Laur and I made the nasty discovery of the mold living in the back of my closet. Unfortunately not before it ruined clothes (that actually fit), sheets, pillowcases, towels, etc....
Friday is the big moving day and I am SOOOOOOOOO ready! Say a prayer, think of me, or come help move. All are definitely welcome:)

The picture is a flower in the backyard at work. It was taken long ago.