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17 July 2008

Finally I....

..finished my chemistry class! WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! This class was an entire semester worth of chemistry crammed into seven weeks. It sounded good when I registered for it. Well actually the break afterwards sounded good. I wasn't thinking about what that would entail. But I made it through with a "B." I'm thrilled with that grade and for those who know me, that alone says a lot about the difficulty of the class.

I expected the final to take about 1.5-2.0 hours. I was greatly surprised. After five hours of a chemistry final I walked out knowing that "I am finished, it is done, and I can't change anything now...." I then took a vacation..... Well sort of....

I went to Boone and house/dog sat for my sister and her hubby while they were on vacation. They have a great house with double decks and a beautiful mountain view. Add to that a very lovable and intelligent dog and you have the keys to a relaxing time. Luckily I had convinced my mom to come with me. She enjoyed deadheading flowers and discovering new plants. We even began an excursion to collect blackberries and red raspberries and had to come back because I was carrying a handful of plants that we had uprooted from the side of the road (or others depends on how you want to look at it...)

It was fun and it was relaxing. I then rushed back (through the torrential downpour) to register for classes for the fall. :) I know a glutton for punishment. So far I am taking... Abnormal Psychology at Forsyth Technical Community College.... Pharmacology and Principles of Disease at Davidson County Community College....and I am waiting to find out about Exercise Physiology at UNCG. It's going to be an interesting semester. It's classes that I'm REALLY interested in (all except Abnormal ).

For now it is cleaning out, packing, packing, and more packing. In the in between times it's laughter, fun, frustration, and reading Our Town at work. Enjoy your summers!

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07 July 2008

My New Place.....

Here are some pics of my new place...I'll be moving August 7th or 8th. I've got a lot to do before then :)

It's walk through one room to get to the next-(except for the bathroom)

Living Room (it will also be my dining room since there isn't room in the kitchen for my table)

The OFFICE (the second largest room..)

the BATHROOM (No White Walls!!!!! )

(the smallest room. I'm working on fitting my bed and my cedar chest)

the KITCHEN (smaller than what I have now..but cute and colorful!)
(a new stove :) )

04 July 2008

A Visit to Lowes with Mama

About a month ago I was able to accompany Mama to Lowes to buy plants. It was a LONG, fun, and exhausting day. Here are some Hibiscus pictures that I took that day. Enjoy!

I Met a Girl in Fleece Pants....

...long ago in a photography class. Little did I realize then that she is nearly always cold (quite the opposite of me). :)

(The picture to the right is drawn by Laurie, my little artist friend. During my first visit to her place I complimented the picture only to find out that she had drawn it. When I unwrapped my college graduation gift two years later I cried as I looked upon this drawing. The exact one from her wall.)

And why am I writing about her now you ask? Well.....Over the last couple of weeks I have been frantically hunting for a new place to live. I like to take a second person with me to visit places. This is both for my security and so that there is another set of eyes to be watching for things that I miss. Christy is usually drafted for the job; however she's currently touring Europe. My dear friend Laurie stepped up to the plate. I rearranged work schedules and she left work early. We spent hours driving around town looking for rental signs and scouring the web at the public library. There are some stories to be told of dead plants and spaces that would be mine, except....... There were cancelled appointments right and left, wrong turns, obnoxious GPS systems, and a lot of laughter. Without her I would not have maintain the tiny bit of sanity that I still possess.

Last week after a long afternoon of hunting with no clear answer we went to view a duplex. The owner's name sounded familiar to each of us; my assumption was UNCG. When we arrived she looked familiar and I looked familiar to her. We later discovered that she is friends with Laurie's old boss and my British physical therapist. It is certainly a small world.

The duplex is adorable with old home charm. Anyone who knows my family knows that that is our preference. My neighbor is an older gentleman; father-n-law of my landlord. I HAVE A HOUSE:) I'm soooooo excited to have a place to move to. We (Laur and I) took pictures this morning. I will post them when I can.

Thank you for everyone's prayers. Lucy and I are thrilled at the prospect of getting out of our current situation and into a new one.