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18 June 2008

A Trip Long Ago...

Many weeks ago I went to hide at my sister's place. On my way back I had a choice to make. Either rush home and try to make it to church (I would probably be tooooooooo late). OR make it a leisurely trip and enjoy God's beauty. Guess which I chose:) The second! WoW!

I had noticed a bright field of yellow flowers with grazing cows on my way up the mountain. But alas, I had no film. On the way down the mountain Sunday I had an entire roll, my camera, my regular lens, my wide angle, and my zoom. I was armed and ready. The first stop was the cows and the field of yellow flowers. In the right side of the picture of the cows you will see a black and white cow. The closer I got the closer she got. I later realized she was a mother and there were four babies nearby. I'm glad there was a fence between the two of us.

From there it was easy. I took whatever road looked interesting. I took pictured of fields, pastures, trees, farmland, barns, and cattle. I found an interesting barn with a tree so I decided to pull over and take a picture. There was a little white house across the street and on the porch sat an old couple. They were rocking away. I walked over and asked if it was okay for me to take some pictures of their barn. They smiled and said sure. They man had no idea why I would want to. The barn had been there since his grandfather had the property. They then proceeded to tell me about their life, their family, and invite me to lunch. Had I not had lunch plans with a friend in Greensboro I would have stayed for the family get together. All of the children and grandchildren were bringing lunch over after church.

From there it was one more stop. An exit covered with wildflowers. A trivia question for you.... (Mama you cannot participate!) Who started the wildflower by the highway program? What state did it begin in? Who can answer?

The exit of choice was filled with white daisies and red poppies with a few random flowers mixed in. I met the man who takes care of the flowers. He was kind and about my age. He said he assumed he didn't need to tell me not to pick the flowers since I was being careful to not step on any. By the way, for those of you who don't is a federal offense to pick the flowers off the side of the interstate! So below are some of the pictures. I just had fun. I love flowers. Obviously. It was nice to be able to enjoy the sunshine with my Minolta in hand. Enjoy.

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Anonymous said...

Pretty! Glad you decided to take detours. I'd like to do that someday.