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03 June 2008

Saturday Mornings

Saturday morning is the day of the week that excites me the most. It begins with a walk through the farmer's market. (One of the perks to where I live:) )People are happy, people are friendly, and people aren't rushed. You can find plants, fresh flowers, vegetables, fruits, soaps, jewelry, honey, fresh meats, cheeses, eggs, dairy, goat milk products, ostrich meat, and the best sourdough bread I have ever eaten. The pictures are of snapdragons I bought from an old farmer who wanted to make people smile. It was a large beautiful bouquet for the bargain price of three dollars. Talking to him and his family was even more enjoyable.
About a month ago multiple tornadoes came through our county. They wiped out parts of the farmer's market. As you drive in you can see the devastation to the trees and the surrounding homes and properties. One of the buildings of the market was greatly damaged. Everyone went back wondering how things would change. There is an even greater sense of community now than before. They have gathered around each other and pitched in to help those that suffered from the tornadoes. There is a sense of commradore that I think we are often missing.
I go to school each day and watch students go head to head for the best grade. In doing so they often trample others. How much greater would we be as a community and a country if we were more willing to reach out and help those around us. How often do we see a need and assume that someone else will help. Many times, for me, help has come from unexpected places. I have found that it is a big blessing for the one who receives and the giver. Take a stand. Make a commitment to lend a helping hand. Often something that seems small to you will seem grande to someone in need. Be aware. Take notice. Pay attention to those around you. See what oppurtunities there are out there for you to bless others.

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Laurie said...

I LOVE these snapdragon shots!! Forgot to tell you: got a baby snapdragon plant from Farmers Market...I wonder if they are perennials? Mine are orange-red...and tiny :)