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20 May 2008

A Smack from Above....

After a five and a half hour chemistry lecture yesterday my heart was not excited to be walking to my car this morning to begin another day of chemistry. As I passed under a "fruit" (if you can identify it please let me know) tree I heard a noise. There are always birds and squirrels ("limb rats" to some people) eating the fruit and playing in the tree. This tree is my favorite in the neighborhood. The leaf color is beautiful and in the spring it has the most amazing smelling flowers. I open my sliding glass doors to let the fragrance fill my apartment.

So anyway.... I heard a noise and so I looked up. Just as I looked up I watched a innocent "looking" squirrel throw a fruit my way. As I got smacked between the eyes I realized that it was aimed at me. Apparently I was too close to him for comfort.

I laughed. I laughed loud. My neighbor came out and laughed with me after hearing the story. The squirrel just sat there looking annoyed. In my small group we have a saying. "Remember, It's a choice...." Usually we are talking about attitude or perspective. You can be in a bad mood but you can also choose to change it. It is a extremely rare occasion when I am in a bad mood that I cannot get out of with lots of prayer and effort. The question is how often I choose to take that route and how often I choose to stew in my problems for a little while.

So my question to you today is..... How are you today? Could you choose to be better? Could you change your perspective and thus change your day for the better? Often when we work through our struggles and choose to hand it over to the Father we are a positive influence on those around us. What kind of influence do you want to be today?

Remember it's a choice...


bugs said...

"Remember, It's a choice...."

hi, that's a intresting thought, more often then less i'am in a bad mood and its really difficult to get out of it. But surely what you said "Remember, It's a choice...." is something to ponder upon.... :)

Laurie said...

How could one stay in a bad mood when one has the image of a squirrel beaning Christa between the eyes with fruit stuck in one's head?? ;)
Remind me to duck, cover, and run on my way to your door from now on!

Anonymous said...

sure looks like a plum to me. (of course, the first pic was a little cherry-ish)

CHRISTA said...

We have discovered that they are PLUMS and they are delicious. The yard guys think so too. :) I guess they are small because they aren't filled with all of the fertilizers and growth hormones of grocery store fruits and veggies. I guess you can't get more local than your own yard.