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20 May 2008

A Retreat from Life

My retreat this weekend was to here......Boone. The first picture is the view from the decks on the back of Amy and David's house. The million bells are some that she bought at the farmer's market in Greensboro about a month ago. The other picture is the people I spent the weekend with. (and another important companion -Sadie-that you will see later...)

We began the weekend with a bluegrass competition. It was a lot of fun and definitely not something that you typically find in Greensboro. Saturday was a work day (after a visit to the farmer's market , of course). Amy went for a walk with a friend early in the morning and I opted for a morning with no alarm clock set. Amy and I created flowerbeds where there were no flower beds, planted an herb garden on rail flower pots, and climbed down hillsides in search of pretty flowers. David spent the day with power tools weed eating, tilling a garden area, and blowing leaves. At the end of the day we were all a bit exhausted but it was fun to see all that we had accomplished. The weather was great with the sun shining and the wind blowing (minus the occasional smell of cow manure).
Amy and David at end of day. Me and Sadie having serious conversation!

The ending of the day was one of the best. There is a swing hanging from the top deck on the back of their house. I watch the sun set while lying on the swing. I just layed there for a long time thinking about things. Friends, family, life, my past, my future, etc.... Just lying there listening to the birds singing, the leaves rustling from the wind in the trees, and Sadie eating a plastic Frisbee (which would later come back to haunt her). It was peaceful. For the first time in a long time my surroundings and my heart seemed to contain the same sense of contentment. In those moments it didn't matter where I lived, what my GPA was, who I was dating, where I would work, where I would go to school, or what my future held. It was about right then. Right that second. It was a gift that I appreciated because of the week I had had. It was a rejuvenation that God knew I needed. For a moment there was no one there but me and God. I was warm, I was cared for, I was protected, I was loved, I was cherished, and I was loved for me. Not for anything that I had accomplished just for being me.

I decided (or was persuaded) to stay the night. The next morning was a day that I could have rushed to maybe make it to church or take my time and enjoy the scenery. I decided to take my time and there are some neat pictures and stories as a result. Those are for another entry.
Whatever/Wherever your retreat is....Take it! Take time away. Even if it is a good book, a nice CD, and a hot cup of tea on the porch. (That's mine most of the time) Laurie came to play last night and her first response was "you look look rested/ refreshed." I feel it. It was much needed and I'm beginning to realize it was much deserved. So for me....take a moment out of your day and treat yourself to a few moments of fun or a few moments of peace.


Laurie said...

Mucho props to you and the "rediscovery" of your film skills. :) I can't get over how beautiful and crisp the pics of the flowers are! What kind of film is that??

p.s. Yes, it had been a while since I had seen your face as peaceful looking as it was on the porch that Mon. need to take escapes from life more often :)

CHRISTA said...

Kodak Professional Ultra Color 100UC 135-36 ------I got it from Daddy. I think he used to order it online in Bulk! It's great film. It also comes in 400