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13 May 2008

A Quote to Live By...

" Read, every day, something no one else is reading. Think, every day, something no one else is thinking. Do, every day, something no one else would be silly enough to do. It is bad for the mind to be always part of unanimity." -Christopher Morley US author & journalist(1890-1957)

Once a week my friend Laurie comes to visit. We met years ago in the deep dark recesses of a photography darkroom at UNCG. Last night I convinced her to accompany me to the large library downtown so that I could fulfill the first sentence in this quote. I went in search of books written by Eleanor Roosevelt. There are many and each of them is large. I am starting with three. The first one, which I began at about one this morning, is the first of three compilations of newspaper columns she wrote while first lady.

The second sentence I think I have covered. Although I don't think that's always good. I'm pretty random. Sometimes my brain doesn't think at all and sometimes it thinks of so many things that I can't focus. Mainly I think of who I want to be, the type of person I want to be/become, the people I admire, how I want to be remembered, and what I want to be able to give to the world.

The third sentence I love and I have seen many examples recently. Among my friends silliness and embarrassment are a key ingredient with birthdays. It could be wearing a pageant crown with streamers, a silly hat with tassels, a feather boa, or a sash that says "Aged to Perfection."

This weekend I went home to Wilmington to be with family. We all gathered to celebrate my cousin's graduation from college. It's hard to believe that he is a college graduate. I remember when he was in diapers. I should also mention that he was also married in the last year. His little brother will be graduating from high school in a month. I now understand why my aunts used to say seeing me hit milestones made them feel old:) We attended his graduation at UNCW and then that evening it was barbecue and fun in the backyard at my aunt and uncle's. Amy and I grew up dancing in their living room with the music cranked up. That side of them has once again been unleashed. To watch my family do the electric slide and the mac arena is hilarious. Laughter is certainly present. It's nice to have a crazy family that has fun. (I wish I had some pics to post)

Enjoy life. Live life. Have fun. Be merry.


Laurie said...

How's the reading going, Doodle-bug? You're a brave woman. ;)

Christa said...

It's going really well. I like the book a lot. This book is history that I actually enjoy:) She was an interesting lady. I will, however, NOT be finished with the book by the time classes begin tomorrow.