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03 May 2008

My Daddy

Yesterday we celebrated--my dad. We (Amy, David, and myself) came in for dinner, dessert, and fellowship. Birthdays are a big deal in our family. A lot of thought is put into the gift. Often we all go in together for one special gift. This year it was a large set of windchimes in the key of (D or A). My dad has been wanting a set for years. It was a joy to watch his face as he was able to hang them on the porch late lastnight and listen to them ring. For as long as I can remember we were able to choose our "birthday meal" and our "birthday dessert." Back in the day my choice was homemade fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and corn. ( I was all about the chicken and carbs.) Whatever we chose my mom would fix and it was our special day. We even have a red plate that reads "You Are Special Today." It's exciting to see the table set with the red plate at your place. These days I am blessed with the joy of being the one to fix the majority of the birthday dinner and dessert. It's nice to be able to do that for my family. (Although I don't fry anything---too accident prone for pots of hot grease :) ) My dad never wants to request anything specific, just something homemade. This year he suprised us by requesting lasagna. I scrambled to find a recipe and it worked out okay. (A recipe I need to jazz up) I chose carrot cake for the dessert because I knew it was one of his favorite desserts. It was fun to fix dinner while he was able to spend time outside doing the things that he enjoyed. And enjoying the beautiful weather.

My dad is a rather amazing man. God has always been first and his family second. We have always had everything that we needed, but with a lot of hard work on his part. He has been in jobs where he was really appreciated and jobs where he was unaccepted. With each position he learned something and persevered. He is a strong, kind, courageous, loving man with a gentle heart. I smile when I think of the fear of my male friends faces when they met my dad. He has a presence about him....once you know him you know he's a teddy bear. But you can't overlook his ability to make you take a step back if he wants you to.

Words cannot express how much my daddy means to me. He fostered my love for music (all kinds even classical) and my love for photography (behind the camera..not in front). He taught me to strive to be the best that I can and to hold myself accountable rather than comparing myself to others. He has shown me what kind of dad I want for my children and the kinds of attributes to look for in a husband. I have his eyes and a bit of his personality. I don't mind the comparison....He's a well loved, well honored child of God.

Amy and David's card to my Dad:

A Few Things We Know About Dads:

  • That ordering pizza is as good as cooking. (for my dad it's scrambled egg sandwiches)
  • That being smart and being quiet are often the same thing.
  • That naps can happen almost anywhere. (a talent I would like to obtain)
  • That respect is something you earn. That money is, too... (long hours)
  • That the most important of all the senses is a sense of humor.
  • That love is a verb.
  • That life is a journey.
  • And no, we're not there yet.

My card to Daddy:

Things To Tell My Dad:

  • He was right. (about pretty much everything.)
  • Money really doesn't grow on trees.
  • I was too listening.
  • Kids don't forget the good stuff.
  • Thanks for the lectures....
  • .....and the love.

Happy Birthday Daddy! You are loved. You are honored. You are respected. and You are cherished. -Christa Jeanette

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Raleigh's Notes said...

Things like this can make a grown man cry or his head to swell.

Love You,