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07 May 2008

Finally Finished

I am finally finished with this semester :) Woohoo! In some ways it's been a great semester and in others it's been rough. Having a part of my brain stop functioning at the end of the semester was not a highlight. But having a class with a fun atmosphere and a professor who truly loves what he does was great. I have now completed my last physics class for which I am not sad. I repeat... I am not sad. However, it was refreshing to be in a class where the prof genuinely cared about his students, the students cared about him, and everyone struggled through the topic with a smile on their faces.

My grades aren't so shabby although they aren't what I aimed for this semester. I now look forward to a two week break (now a week and a half), before it begins again with a summer class of Chemistry II. In seven weeks I hope to achieve an A in a class that normally takes a semester :) I'm glutton for punishment. I know. I know. However it will allow me to have an open space in the fall for a more interesting class.

For now it will be a week of laundry, sleep, planting flowers, and doing other things around the apartment I haven't had time to do. My one big goal for the break is to read a biography or autobiography on Eleanor Roosevelt.

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