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01 April 2008

A Rough Start w/ a Peaceful Ending

Today began in hectic fashion. An alarm beeping, a cat digging at my door, and a dog barking. I rolled over and said a prayer before I even let a foot hit the floor. "Lord grant me strength and peace...strength and peace Lord." (Ps.29:11) I had no idea how much I would need both. I spent the morning hurrying one child and trying to persuade another to get out of bed. As I watched his frowning face look at me pleading I was struck by how often I feel that same way in conversation with God. He was pleading earnestly with me to let him go to the second half of his day. How often do I plead with God for an adjustment in what he wants for me. Sometimes it's little but sometimes the alterations I request are large.

My small group is studying the women of the Bible. Last week was Lot's wife. In studying the story I was struck by Lot. God gave him great mercy in allowing them to safely leave the city. Yet Lot pleaded with the angels to allow them to go somewhere different. Lot felt that it was for his own good but do we really know what is best for us? I enjoy the fact that my life is in His hands and not my own. It's a reassurance on days like today.

I had a break between classes and Steve today. With many things that I could/should be doing I went to the park. I needed to spend time in the beauty of God's creation. I found this pansy beat up by his world (the rain, the mud, the lawn keepers). I felt a great connection with such a tiny flower and yet as I held it there was a peaceful reminder that I also am held daily.

I pray that if your day began hectic it may end peaceful with a realization that you are gently held by a loving Father!

"You will keep in perfect peace him whose mind is steadfast, because he trusts in You."-Isa. 26:3

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