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07 April 2008

My Way of Doing It

Friends ask me how I do my Bible study each day. First, let's be honest. I try to do it every day and succeed most days. I'm not very good at actual "bible studies." I get side-tracked because I tend to dig and cross-reference. In my daily time I usually pick a word that is appropriate and dig through it, break it up, and follow it where it goes. Responses to verses are individual and personal. A lot of "me" is in my prayers that come from the scriptures. Below is an excerpt from a past quiet time at the request of a friend.

(Anxiety-Anxious-Worry-Cares-Troubles-Concerns) - the words I cross reference in the Bible.

Anxiety is a disturbed state of mind produced by real or imaginary fears.

Trust {from Ps.37:1-5} "Do not fret..." (about things big or small- money, wreck, back, school, path...) "Trust in the Lord and do good....enjoy safe pasture" (I'm working on the trust Lord- I often dwell in the safe pasture but are too busy to stop long enough to smell the flowers and fresh mowed grass) "Delight yourself in the Lord; He will give you the desires of your heart." (Wow!- tolerate, live through, deal with.....this is what I do- Help me to truly delight in You and Your ways) "Commit your way to the Lord; trust in Him and He will do this" (I'm committed to You but holding onto about 5% for safe keeping. ouch! Sorry about that slap in the face- Help me to hand it all over to You.)

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