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07 April 2008

Interesting Questions

At church yesterday I turned when I heard a little voice say "Where can I get one of Thoooose?" "Those" was said with such a sense of amazement. I turned as I felt a small hand on my wrist and saw the very red face of an embarassed mother. The little girl looked to be around the age of five and the "those" was my bracelet. I blushed when I realized the bracelet that she was gently caressing. It was the beads on my medical alert bracelet. The bracelet that I hope most people don't notice. She asked me what was wrong with me and with that one statement I knew she, even in her young years, understood the significance of the bracelet. As I smiled her other hand came from around her back and she too wore an alert bracelet. Hers is for diabetes and the need for insulin and mine is for latex allergy and the need to carry an epi-pen. The mother's release of breath was audible. The part of my bracelet she was admiring was the interchangable beaded band that my friend Christy had helped me make (all in an attempt to make it not look like a med. alert brac.). It just so happened that the one I had on that day felt tight so I had grabbed another on my way out the door that morning. Her wrist was not much smaller than mine. When that little girl and I parted ways at the door she was skipping to the left with a beaded bracelet on her wrist and another in her hand and I was heading to the right with a song in my heart and a smile on my lips. I like to say.... It's the little things that count!


ELE said...


That is such a sweet story. Maybe your friend could market those ? the beads must work I have not notice you wearing a medical bracet at all.
I am proud of you for wearing it:)


Christy said...

Christa- that was wonderful to hear- I am so glad that little girl was so happy--that was a wonderful design you came up with!